The following list is a guideline for you to choose your route.

We will give you the final price once we have checked the availability of the hotels and other services in which you are interested. These prices are per person. For groups of more than 5 cyclists ask for discounts.



per person*
  • Ideal for 3 or 4 stages
  • If you are fit for riding the mountain without hardly stopping.
  • See services included

4 NIGHTSRecommended


per person* BOOK NOW!



per person*
  • Ideal for 4, 5 o 6 stages
  • If what you like is cycling sightseeing at your own pace.
  • See services included



per person* BOOK NOW!

Services included in the price

  • Lodging Management

    We arrange the lodging previously agreed. We’ve selected all our hotels with our customers in mind as we know that a comfortable night’s sleep is essential for an unforgettable experience including an Andalusian breakfast included.

  • Reception

    Someone will welcome you at the beginning of the route and will give you the hotel bookings and all documentation of PatasNegras.

  • Routebook

    Book with descriptive information about the route and its environment. A guide to visit places of interest as you journey through this exciting adventure.

  • Passport

    Document to be stamped in the indicated locations for getting the commemorative maillot PatasNegras. Moreover this will ensure you pass through all charming places.

  • Luggage transfer

    We collect your luggage and take it to your next stay. you worry only about cycling!

  • Track for GPS

    We do not make marks in nature, so please guide you through the GPS. If you do not have the device we provide one (Click here). It is the best way of finding new routes…

  • Welcome gift

    One small gift courtesy of Patas Negras and colleagues. The Sierra is rich in local products renowned: Iberian products, cheeses, etc.

  • Assistance

    We will assist you throughout the route if you face any problems. Whether a simple phone consultation or come to your help to resolve serious damage. PatasNegras we will help you solve any problems. Also, if it’s a mechanical failure we will provide you with another bike at a reasonable price so you can continue the adventure while yours is repaired. You can cycle calmly because there will always be someone around  to get you out of any mess.

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(*) 21% VAT included.
Do not include accident insurance.
If there is no availability in a hotel will provide other with similar features.