Route in 4 Stages

The best balance between effort and enjoy. (Recommended)



DAY 1: Aracena – Riotinto

46 km – 800 meters climbing

Our adventure begins in the town of Aracena; known for its Caves of Wonder, caves of such magic and fascinating beauty that it will plunge you deep into a dream world. The trip continues through luscious green fields dotted with ancient holm and cork oaks that feed the world renowned Iberian pig and give it its singularly magnificent taste.
Next we journey to the mining region which will surprise you with its Martian landscapes and vast expanses. You will have the chance to look into the center of the Earth at an open pit at the disconcertingly enormous Rio Tinto mine, a copper mine once worked by British miners in the early 20th Century.

DAY 2: Riotinto – Linares

47 km – 960 meters climbing

We start from the cradle of Spanish football and also the venue of the first golf course on the peninsula. A greenway old mining railway we return from red to green, stone freshness. Winding paths between stone fences and stops at shrines with fountain join us at any time. Back to the Natural Park of Aracena and Aroche peaks paved roads we ride now surrounded by lush forests.
The Linares flirty be an excellent place to rest after so climb.

DAY 3: Linares – Almonaster

48 km – 1600 meters climbing

We will go through lovely villages with castles, fortresses, bullrings, old mosques, churches, squares, fountains and charming corners. The friendly locals offer their prized cuisine based on Iberian pork, horticultural products, chestnuts and mushrooms not to take anything away from the cheeses and pastries.
Everyone who so wishes, can go up to enjoy the view of Pico de San Cristóbal, near Almonaster. Mind you, a visit to the mosque that crown the town, and the bullring, can´t be missed.

DAY 4: Almonaster – Aracena

57 km – 1400 meters climbing

At this point in the route, if the forces permit, you should climb to the castle of Cortegana, a very well restored fortress with exceptional views.
After descending through a riverside woods and reaching Galaroza, the chestnut tree becames protagonist, green in summer and bare during the winter. It reminds us the diversity of the Sierra de Huelva and the importance of living the natural parks. The final part of the route goes into forests of ancient ferns that we will pedal, with tired legs crossing dizzying paths.
We will arrive at the starting point having traveled through amazing landscapes, from the almost Martian mining region until the enchanted forests of huge chestnut trees, passing, indeed, by the rich serrana pastures.Until next time!