Route in 3 Stages

If you are fit for riding up a mountain without stopping then this is your challenge. Only suitable for adventurous athletes.



DAY 1: Galaroza – Riotinto

65 km – 1300 meters climbing

Now we come to one of the most fun sections of the whole adventure full of wet and leafy lanes – even in summer. Yes, we are in Andalusia, but this is one of the rainiest regions of the iberian peninsula.
After visiting Aracena we have a change of scenery to more open meadows dotted with oak trees as well as pigs and cows grazing. Down comfortable lanes and crossing the Odiel we reach the mining region, for the culmination of the day, surrounded by red earth and endless views, the complete antithesis of start the day.

DAY 2: Riotinto – Santa Ana

74 km – 1900 meters climbing

This is much harder than the previous day as we have to climb back up the mountain that we came down yesterday. After peeking into the center of the Earth in the mine that became the largest open-cast mine in the world, we will cycle on the former railroad used to transport the ore through these parts in times of yore. We will descend (on foot and with difficulty) a ramp where long ago a train ran, crossing ghostly abandoned mines.
Finishing the greenway come the first ascents, which will test our endurance. A long time before reaching Jabugo we will start to feel the coolness of the Sierra the shade of the oak trees. The narrow cobbled streets will also offer us rest as they are the main attractions between towns.

DAY 3: Santa Ana – Galaroza

60 km – 1600 meters climbing

A “legbreaking” stage down deep ravines and then lead to castles like Cortegana with endless views. We’ll cross farms where the famous Iberian black-legged pig are reared and will pass by such beautiful white villages as Almonaster, with its mosque crowning the village. This is a real day in the mountains in which you’ll notice the fatigue of the previous days in your legs. Enjoy it because this is the last part of the journey.