• Fit bycicle.

    Look back and lie about your bike. For the enjoyment of the route both, you and your bicycle, should be fit. It would be a shame not take advantage of the tour due a mechanical failure.

  • Breakdowns and repairs.

    Bring tools for occasional repairs as punctures, broken chain, setting changes and brakes, etc. In Aracena there is a specialized mountain bike shop and in many municipalities will be able to attend a workshop to repair major breakdowns. But to solve any route trouble you will have to bring basic tools. In a serious breakdown PatasNegras team can provide you rent a bicycle until we get repair yours.

  • Appropriate clothing.

    Dress appropriate sportswear. One advantage of Patas Negras is that it can be done at any time of year, but research well the weather forecast before coming. In winter it can get very cold and some years the summer months are really hot. Sun glasses and sunscreen are always good (even on sunny winter days).

  • Accident insurance.

    Accident insurance is required by law;  if you wish we provide you one. Keep in mind that the route passes through remote places (some without telephone coverage) and MTB is a sport with some risk. Not cost money and you will roll much more comfortable.

  • Respect of nature.

    One of the reasons why we decided to ride Patas Negras was to show the natural wealth of the Sierra de Huelva in a way close and friendly. The route passes through protected natural spaces we should care and the only footprints you leave behind in the field is that of your wheels.

  • Social coexistence.

    Let the doors and generally all barriers like you find them; if they are closed, then closed and if the doors are open, then open. When crossing cattle farms will be stretches where this is usual so we beg you to pay special attention not to cause problems. If you go in a group, perhaps faster and more convenient is that whoever arrives first at the door open it and wait for all of the group; and he himself will close the door.

  • Prudent circulation.

    Remember PatasNegras is not a race, but rather a challenge. We ride on tracks and roads that we share with others so we must always respect traffic rules (not excepting the helmet and the lighting). On trails and tracks will have to be especially respectful of pedestrians, as they are the most fragile. Attentive riding, please, behind any curve as a motorcycle or a clueless animal can appear.