Accompanying persons

While you are pedaling, the person who accompanies you to the Sierra, can be doing other sporting and cultural activities. Or maybe someday of the route you prefer not to pedal, so we can suggest other entertainment. Here you have a list of some of the companies we work with (and if you are concerned about any other topic you can contact us).

Informative Magazine Territorio Huelva

In the following link you can check what activities are on the dates that you have thought about doing the route. From cinema or theatre to workshops on medicinal plants…

Horse riding Finca la Suerte

To continue enjoying a more leisurely Sierra and without much effort. Charming trails and horse riding classes.

Active sport Sierra Extreme

For other sports such as bungee jumping or canoeing we have this company.

Azituna. Interpretation of nature

If you want to hike with someone who will explain every nook and guide you along the best trails.

Madre Sierra Aracena Activities

For more cultural tours and agrotourism, activities for all ages.

Cinco Jotas.

Tasting in a ham-curing facility. In this case we are talking about a reference Pata Negra, Five Jacks.

Museum of Ham

And mycological point of information, Aracena.


Visit an artisanal cheese workshop. Many farms maintain the tradition using the milk of sheep, goats and cows to produce wonderful cheeses. Learn and taste.

Visit the Gruta de las Maravillas

Discover the fascinating inside cave of Aracena, with enchanting creations.

Visit the Castle of Cortegana

Whether by bike or not, up to the castle is highly recommended for the views that are enjoyed from there.

Visit the Rio Tinto mining region

To learn everything about the mining area you can even take a train which will show you where the ore was shipped.